Thursday, 19 June 2014

Side effects so far ...

photo8 150x150 Cancer Journey   side effects so far After a great first day following chemo, I just know that things are going to change. And it doesn’t take long either …

Friday I wake up and know immediately that I feel sick.  Sick, nauseous, just yuk.  I down my anti-emetics and hope it’ll pass.  Wishful thinking – the whole day’s spent either retching or feeling crap.

ginger tea bags 150x150 Cancer Journey   side effects so far So, ginger game plan on.  I stocked up on teabags and crystallised ginger before going to London and am glad I did.  The ginger helps but oh god, I’m fed up with the stuff already!

Liquorice jelly buttons  (the ones you get in allsorts) help too but the only place I can get these is at our local hospital's shop!!  Drinking plenty of water and tea when I can stomach it but my tastebuds are definitely changing.  My appetite’s disappearing although I’ve found that sometimes when I think I feel sick, I’m actually hungry but halfway through eating, I can’t take another mouthful.

jelly buttons 150x150 Cancer Journey   side effects so farThe inside of my mouth seems to have a life of its own now so the mouthwash I was given has been well used.  Also my lovely niece Rebecca reminded me that pineapple juice is a great antiseptic and I’ve taken her tip and frozen freshly-juiced pineapple juice cubes ready for when those dreaded mouth ulcers dare to show their face!

I’ve been tired for a long, long time but didn’t realise this would be getting worse. I can sleep for England and being back at work is only adding to the problem! But I try and stay awake in the evening as long  I can but trying to socialise is now getting to be an effort.  I just love my bed!

As most people are aware, one of the biggest side effects of chemo is hair loss.  Not everyone loses their hair, it all depends on the drugs.  I was told from the outset that I’d be losing my hair thanks to the Doxorubicin and even now, it’s starting to come away, a few strands each time but enough to notice.  The whole texture of my hair’s changed too, so it’s baby shampoo all the way from now on!  So how do I feel about the whole hair loss thing? To be honest, it’s only hair.  If it means I have a better survival rate, then why should I or anyone else worry about it? Millions of people are going through exactly the same thing each and every day and it’s just one of the darker sides of cancer and chemo.

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