Thursday, 5 June 2014

Meltdowns? Me??

Ok, ok, so I promised myself I'd face this head on, with a positive attitude; a cool, mad chemo woman. But I'm only human and sometimes things just get on top of me.  It can be the smallest thing that sets me off; the thought that I will probably not get to see my children grow older or my grandchildren grow up breaks my heart;  the fact that I probably won't get to spend more time with my soulmate and love of my life, Kev, now that's a killer.  I've had a couple of melt-downs and I've just given into them, until I'm all cried out.  It's draining and makes me feel yuk but holding your feelings in is never a good thing, especially over something as big as this.......

I know they mean well but I have to say, some days I feel that if just one more person tells me to be positive, I might just let rip!!!!!! Apologies if you happen to be the other end :)

And it's my birthday today too and what a great day I've had with my family xxxxxxx

One of the presents I received was a phone call from my keyworker at RM letting me know that she's organized my first treatment sessi

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