Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The C Word - Lisa Lynch

The C Word You might have watched “The C Word” on BBC1 the other night, the drama based on real-life blogger and cancer sufferer Lisa Lynch, who sadly lost her fight with cancer a couple of years’ ago.  If you haven’t had chance to watch this, grab it on catch up or read her book.  Lisa had a hard-hitting approach to her illness, she pulled no punches and told it like it was on her blog, which she used to vent her feelings about her illness.

I was unsure whether I wanted to watch it at the moment, as I knew it would be so near the knuckle but I’m so glad I did.  Parts of the drama were like watching a re-run of our own life over the last few months, with all its shitty bits. Nothing can prepare you for life after your diagnosis and Lisa never set out to be a hero, she raged and also joked her way through the whole sad experience.  The world was a better place for having heard Lisa’s voice and it’s a testament to her that her book is handed out to cancer sufferers to help them cope.

Since my second cycle of Trebectedin a week ago today, I have to admit I’ve struggled with constant nausea and sickness and complete fatigue/lethargy.  No energy for anything other than sleep.  Everything has been an effort, from sitting up to lying down, to trying to force food down, to finding something to drink that doesn’t make me heave.  Eating’s been an ordeal and Kev has produced any number of tasty meals to try and tempt me into eating, including making home-made soups which I eat loads of on a normal day to day basis. Normal – now who am I kidding?  Since when was the last time we had a normal life??

So, a week on and only today am I beginning to feel half human again.  Not sure whether I look anything like human, I steer clear of the mirrors on days like these.  I was still struggling to find anything I wanted to eat  but yesterday, I had a sudden craving for vegetable juice. Last year we bought a juicer as it’s been proved that fresh juices help your immune system and help combat cancer cells.  Kev was pleased I actually fanced something, so off he went to stock up on veg for me. Beetroot juice has become my new fave, can’t get enough of it!
Squeeze those veg!
Squeeze those veg!

So today has been ok, I’ve managed  lunch AND dinner and have given Kev a bit of stick so he knows I’m on the mend.  I’ll keep on with the veg juices and hope I’m back up to scratch before heading off to the Marsden in a couple of weeks for the next round ……..

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