Friday, 15 May 2015

PICC line 0 - DN 1

Looks pretty harmless, eh?
Usual Friday PICC flush and dressing change.  Has to be one of the most cringeworthy parts of my cancer care - particularly when the Tegaderm sticks week after week to the line and stings like buggery when it's time to come off.  Today was better - my lovely district nurse/friend/past work colleague (you know who you are) got it off in record time with only a hint of a sting!   Sigh of relief, all over until next week :(

Back up to the Marsden on Tuesday for my next CT scan, to see how the new chemo drug's been performing, followed by full day of chemo fun on Wednesday.  Our consultant did warn us that the main event liver sarcoma would probably grow but that this was normal.  Hoping the lung tumours might have played fair and shrunk but we shall see.  Keeping fingers crossed for good news.

At least this week, the nausea has finally gone and my appetite is almost back to normal. And no pain for a few days, so bonus week so far. 

Still, all that could change tomorrow.  Taking each day as it comes is now part and parcel of our life.  I say "our" because it not only affects me, it affects Kev and the rest of our family.  No planning ahead for the weekend for us, it's a case of seeing how I am and we'll go from there!

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