Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Curly Word

This C word is one that’s sadly crept into our vocabulary over the last few months, much to my disgust ….

Anyone who knows me will know that with regard to swearing, that particular C word is a no-no! But the new C word in our home is guaranteed to get my back up – and it’s all related to hair. Yes, hair.
Last early summer, I lost my hair thanks to the wonderful chemo treatments and resembled a newborn mole. Come late summer and after a few cycles of the new aggressive chemo drugs, my hair follicles decided they’d had enough of hibernating and sprang to life! I’ve spent the last few months nurturing this new head of hair, albeit now a totally different shade and texture. It’s soft and – well, ok let’s get to the C word then ….

Curly. There, it’s out. CURLY!  The one word that’s guaranteed to get my goat! And doesn’t Kev know it …….  and it’s his new nickname for me (when he can get away with it). All my life I’ve battled against a kink in my hair that resembles the hind leg of a donkey, with blow drying and the my-couldn’t- do without GHD’s.  And now I’m here with a new head of hair and nature has decided to give me a totally new makeover with CURLS!  Thank god I don’t actually look like Shirley Temple …..
Mine aren't this bad thank god!!
Mine aren’t this bad 
thank god!!

I’m so grateful to have hair again, in whatever colour, texture and style. But pleeeze – curls at my age??

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