Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Kev's Planet

kev chefThis time last year, Kev was a Facebook novice; he’d be the first to admit he had virtually no idea what he was doing when he logged onto his account which we set up for him! Then, during the spring when we discovered I had cancer, he was inundated with family and friends all wanting to know the up to date situation and he decided the easiest way to do this was to post regularly on his Facebook page.

All through the long summer months when we were travelling up to London three weeks out of every four for my treatments, Kev continued to update everyone via FB with his witty, sometimes irreverent and always honest opinions and thoughts until I suggested that he should start his own blog. After all, what he was doing already was blogging and it needed its own platform. So www.kevsplanet.com was created and now Kev has an outlet for his thoughts and opinions, which I think he finds cathartic at the very least. He’s quickly got the hang (almost) of the WordPress set up and spends a lot of his time tapping away on his laptop and I’m so pleased he’s found a way to express himself which he can also share with others, particularly his love of cooking.

With our return to London this week again, I’m sure Kev will have plenty to blog about as we enter a new phase in our battle against this awful disease which has torn shreds out of our family.  Hope you’ll come along the ride …..

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