Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ah, home (but which one?)

Back up to our second home from home, the Premier Inn, Earls Court and its great staff.  Check in far earlier than is allowed which is great as we can relax.  We head out to Tower Bridge and I take piccies of good old Shaun the Sheep who’s set up home there at the Tower.

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By the time we head down to dinner, I’m already dog tired but gamefully manage to down a gin and tonic before dinner, plus a small glass of red during! Not long after we’ve eaten, the fatigue gets the better of me so I have to head back to our room, ready for bath and bed before my head hits the table like it did once before.

London today is beautiful – a bright sunny spring day which certainly seems to put a smile on the public’s face for once!  Our trip to the imaging department at RM goes completely to plan; straight in, cannula inserted and then in for the scan.  Nice to have another date with my Stargate friend ….  ct scanner

Leaving the building down the iconic steps seen so often on tv, we spot a vacant taxi, which has also clocked us and hailed it.  In less than ten minutes, we are back at Victoria Station and onto a home-bound train  home sweet home, until we return in 10 days’s time for the results – the one part I hate with a passion.

Much as we try and make the best of our trips to the Marsden, enjoying the “couple time” we get, it’s always so nice to get home again!

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