Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

So...... back from another trip to the Royal Marsden, this time a two day stopover, as Tuesday I had my PICC line inserted, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (although I did keep my eyes shut for most of the procedure!!)  Now sporting a very nifty little bandaged accessory on my left arm :)

Yesterday was the usual whole day of appointments, apart from having bloods, which was done through my line on Tuesday.  So simple and no cannulas involved - yay!

Chemo was also very quick, following the line being cleaned and re-dressed and was out of the RM at least an hour earlier than we normally are.  Only downside to the day was being told by my doctor that there are now at least two more nodules found and am now a Stage 4.  Great.

Last Thursday I went to work with my hair intact, apart from being able to pull out loads of strands. By Sunday, it was getting pretty obvious it wasn't going to be hanging around much longer and most of it has now gone, apart my fringe (helpful) and quite a bit left on top.  Thank god I sorted out my new hair in time, plus my collection of hats/scarves etc!

Going into work for the first time with my new barnet was a little nerve-wracking but the only comment I received was from my colleague asking if I’d been to the hair dresser and that my hair looked so good! Other than that, I told everyone else who commented.  No point keeping it to myself.  Just in case the wind blew it off and then what an idio I’d look.
FullSizeRender(1) My “new hair” is an exact replica of my own hair, only looks sooo much better! It’s fooled a few people who think it’s my own and who am I to argue with that? The owner of the hair salon who supplies the hair is a fellow cancer sufferer so she knows exactly what we’re all going through when we lose our hair and want to look as “normal” as possible. Good on you, Chris.

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